From the ground up

Horitaka, the only American apprentice, of the preeminent Japanese tattoo master Horioshi III, proudly presents a collaboration set of Nike SB shoes and apparel. Using shoes rather than skin, Horitaka continues the Japanese tattoo tradition of coded communication and tells the story of the four Guardians.
Originating in ancient China, the Japanese believe in four guardian animals, each representing a direction, season and color. The Genbu (Zoom Air Regime) is a black turtle combines with a snake. It represents the North as well as the winter season. The Seiryu (Zoom Tre), blue dragon, represents the east and spring season. Guarding the south is the Suzaku (Zoom Abington), a res phoenix-like bird. The Suzaku is aligned with the summer season. The Byakko (Classic SB), white tiger, guards the west and represents the fall season. 
Four guardians, four SB shoes, four colorways, released in four consecutive seasons, the story telling tradition continues.
For Fall the first release will be the Nike Classic SB. It comes along with a really nice, super detailed, satin baseball jacket. Check out detailed pictures after the jump and expect these to drop some time next month.

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