From the ground up

When you’re a kid, your mom gets you some winter boots and you’re set. Then you hit your teens and boots aren’t cool anymore. All through high school you brave the cold, snow and slush in a pair of black on black (or hell even white on white) sneakers, oblivious to the wet, cold feet you’re dragging around. Who cares – at least you’re not wearing boots.

Now you’re likely older, smarter and wearing boots again. But we still hit plenty of days where we’d rather rock some kicks. We’re going to go out on limb and assume some of you feel the same. This week’s Buyers Guide is a round up of footwear that balances the best of both worlds: at once winter ready, yet still a sneaker, at least by definition.

Note: though we tried to provide a good cross-section of brands, Nike gets a lot of love here. As with most sports footwear categories, they just do it well.

Read on to see all 11 picks, with links to purchase.

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