Even in the wonderful world of fashion and lifestyle (-journalism) most of the time – between fashion weeks and some free booze gallery opening around the corner from our office – is spent at the desk eating takeaway food and chocolate watching ourselves getting fatter in the reflection of our computer screens. However, as professional 9 to 5 desk-jockies we like to keep it as comfortable and clutter-free as possible – at least we try very hard to. So we once again browsed the world wide interwebs for some nifty products to help us, and of course all you guys out there, to keep your workspace organized and tidy. Check it out after the jump.


Quirky – Cordie Cable Management

The Quirky Cordie is an easy way to keep all your cords and cables in one spot and easily accessible. Which basically means it keeps you from crawling around in the dust-ridden space under your desk trying to find the printer cable. Get it here.


Vitra – Uten.Silo

Not actually a desk accessory, this thing nonetheless keeps your desk free of clutter and all your stuff at hand when you actually need it. Originally designed and introduced by German designer Dorothee Becker in 1969 it is by now considered a design classic. It is available in white, black or red. Pick your favorite one here.


Carl – Bungu Ryodo Pencil Sharpener

What no one tells you about Japan, despite its reputation for being a crazy neon-flashing theme-park of a country inhabited by extremely tech-savvy people, the reality is rather underwhelming: besides the fact that even modern houses have no proper heating, most of Japan’s bureaucracy is still based on a rather old-school hands-and-paper-system, making it surprisingly technophobic. So it’s really no wonder they actually excel when it comes to good old office supplies and stationary. Just look at this sleek black beauty of a pencil sharpener by Carl. You can get it here.


The Mark Brothers – Cable Labels

It equally amazes and annoys the hell out of how long it usually takes to fulfill the simple task of unplugging the right cable. I usually end up unplugging and plugging back again the whole multi-socket until I finally find the right one. Maybe I should get hold of The Marks Brother’s cable labels. These little fellas are fun and simple way to save precious life time and finally learn to play the guitar, do some charity work at the local children’s hospital or write linguistically elaborate comments about how this buyer’s guide actually sucks ass. Get them here.


MAGAZIN – Sanctuary Universal Charger

The Sanctuary universal chargers offers a neat and tidy solution for your already prevalent gadgetry problem. Ditch all of those chargers, because this thing offers all the cables you will ever need (until Apple eventually releases its newest generation of iPhone including the according super improved new cable). You can pick it up here.


Yorkie – The Cuddly Desktop Speakers

I still remember in horror when computer speakers came in every imaginable shade of grey, with the occasional black exception. Thank God art schools all over the world flushed an army of highly motivated and creative yet chronically unemployed designers craving for attention and recognition into a relentless highly competitive neo-liberal market, which favors crazy, flashy, quirky designs like the one above. The Cuddly Desktop Speakers by Yorkie are available here.


Heal’s – Otto Bamboo Fan

That photo of your loving caring family on your desk might be the only thing left that motivates you to go endure your soul-eating ordeal of a job, but does it keep you from melting all over your keyboard while shifting paperwork from one side to the other on a hot 40° Celsius summer day – the kind of day your unemployed bum friends spend enjoying their lives boozing in the park? Make your working life a little less stressful and keep it cool with Heal’s Otto Bamboo Fan. Get it here.


L’ATELIER d’exercises – Endless Notes

If you belong to that group of people who manage to successfully avoid all kinds of electronic means – despite owning a smartphone and a MacBook Air – to keep your life organized, meaning you actually write down stuff either in your overpriced fancy handmade paper notebook (because deep inside you are a writer, whereas on the outside you are a graphic design college dropout) or your hands (because deep inside you are a writer, whereas on the outside you are an utterly broke graphic design college dropout), you might also like Endless Notes by L’ATELIER d’exercises. Get it on their official website.


CB2 – Shuffle Calendar

The Shuffle Calendar is a fun and easy to use desk calendar. Arrange and rearrange the plywood panels to keep track of year, month, day or use them as building blocks to sabotage your college assignment due tomorrow morning. Buy it here.


Book Darts

At times when most people spend their days sitting in front of their MacBooks clicking hundreds of bookmarks of highly interesting pages they are definitely going to read right after they are done bookmarking a hundred pages more, a filled bookshelf is definitely a surefire way to give off that highly literate intellectual with a PhD in mid-century furniture design vibe. In order to appear even more legit, place these handy little book darts in strategic locations throughout your books. That way you always have that Nietzsche/Sartre/Fifty Shades of Grey quote handy. Get them here.


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