errolson hugh nikelab acg partnership ending
Highsnobiety / Thomas Welch

It would appear Errolson Hugh of ACRONYM’s longstanding partnership with Nike is coming to a close. This news comes after DJ Teki Latex tweeted about the collaborative work ending.

Hugh shared those tweets and replied, confirming that there would be just one more season. Latex claimed that NikeLab ACG is planning a different approach, focusing more on “retro ACG sportswear stuff” from now on.

Under Hugh, NikeLab ACG’s techwear-inspired output reflected the work the designer does with ACRONYM. Latex argued in one of his tweets that Hugh arguably built NikeLab ACG into what it is today, a highly respected and popular line. Touching on this, he added that Nike “can afford to look back at what made ACG great back in the day” now it has an established reputation thanks to Hugh’s work.

What do you think of this apparent shift in strategy by NikeLab ACG? Will you miss Errolson Hugh’s influence on the line? Let us know in the comments.

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