In the market for buying and reselling sneakers, it goes without saying that one or two shoppers are going to get scammed. This was the case in a recent episode of Judge Judy, wherein a woman from Dallas claims she was cheated out of $8,800 worth of OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1s.

In the video above, Meadow Jones claims to have purchased 14 pairs of the Virgil Abloh x Nike collaborative shoe from the defendant, with the intention of flipping them for profit. The seller argues that he only received $6,500 after agreeing to sell 16 pairs (the discrepancy in quantities is unexplained). He claims that he purchased the sneakers wholesale from a store called “Flight Kicks,” and that the pairs were shipped. Jones, however, claims she only received empty boxes.

Judy ultimately rules on a settlement of $5000. But to see in whose favor, check the video above.

Elsewhere in the sneaker world, Converse and MadeMe have debuted a “By Girls, For Girls” capsule.

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