Sharing a name with the GOAT isn’t easy — and not just because of the expectations that come with the name. As a kid, Michael B. Jordan was often teased because of it. But he used that as extra motivation to train aggressively and to approach life with that same mentality.

“I feel like I’ve got to work twice as hard in life,” says Jordan. “I told myself at a young age that I was going to dedicate my 20s to work. I don’t go out all the time. I don’t party… I try to evolve and grow and work on myself.”

Starring in 2015’s Creed, that dedication to his work and the gym showed. Now, sitting down with Nike, Jordan outlined four tips to staying fit and fighting the urge to quit.

1. Turn stress into a form of fitness

“I’m usually really stressed when I walk into the gym. I think about what’s bothering me at the moment, what I want to leave in the gym. Then I just work it out. And somewhere within the workout, I find myself not thinking about it anymore. And sometimes I realize that the problems and the stress aren’t as bad as I thought they were walking into the gym. It can change the way I react to certain things.”

2. Think of a workout as a chance to live better, not a chore to check off

“You only get one body, and you’ve got to take care of it as much as you can. And if you’re not in good shape, if you’re not mentally strong, if you’re not physically fit, being energized and getting through a busy day is going to be really tough.”

3. Make a commitment to every rep

“Finish a set, finish a routine. You can’t just stop halfway through…I can’t just stop in the middle of a take. I can’t just stop in the middle of a relationship. Quitting is something I try to never even let into my mind.”

4. Move in a way that moves you (for Jordan, it’s boxing)

“Boxing. It’s like, everything is connected when I connect. When you hit it clean, you just know it. You feel it. It just flows and it connects. Searching for those perfect punches is cool.”

To give you an idea how Jordan trains, Nike Training Club has curated a set of three workouts inspired by Jordan’s most iconic roles to date: a high school quarterback, a boxer, and a dangerous villain.

Check out the workouts and the in-depth conversation with Nike here.

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  • Photography: Nike
  • Source: Nike

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