Get Out creator Jordan Peele has teamed up with BuzzFeed to make a PSA about fake news, using the image of the former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Using machine-learning AI technology, the comedian makes a fake Obama deliver lines like “Killmonger was right" and "Ben Carson is in the sunken place." He even calls Donald Trump a "total and complete dipshit.”

"I would never say these things, at least not in a public address, but someone else would,” the fake Obama says, before the camera pans out to reveal Peele reading the lines himself.

This video is known as a "deepfake" and is made using easily available technology — namely Adobe After Effects and FakeApp. We've already discussed their use in porn, but Peele is showing that deepfakes could easily pass as real news.

“Moving forward, we need to be more vigilant with what we trust from the internet," the Peele/Obama mashup explains. "It’s a time when we need to rely on trusted news sources. It may sound basic, but how we move forward in an age of information is going to be the difference between whether we survive or we become some kind of fucked-up dystopia.”

Watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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