Following the short teaser clip that saw Jonah Hill announce the next Palace x Reebok sneaker collaboration, the full video has made its way onto the internet, and it's hilarious.

The skit sees Hill visit the Palace store in London (definitely in real life, definitely not projected there via purposefully clumsy video editing) as he explains just how good and exciting are the upcoming sneakers. "I'm doing now what I always do in London - rolling through the Palace store," he says. "Palace, man - I love that stuff."

After passing by members of the store's staff saying "Let's hang out and do some heel flips later," he takes a look at the new products, which he says are the most beautiful shoes he's ever seen with his eyes and perfect to wear while having sex with a rare white tiger on your birthday.

The sneaker pack is set for release on July 9. Check out the last collaboration from the two brands from back in 2013.

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