virgil abloh louis vuitton harness
Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Virgil Abloh discusses the impact of his attention-grabbing harnesses in a new interview with Vogue. If you missed it, Timonthée Chalamet, Chadwick Boseman, and Michael B. Jordan have all flexed the accessories on the red carpet in recent months.

Abloh explains how he sees the harnesses as mid-layer garments and that the design is integral to his vision for the luxury brand. As Vogue points out, the harnesses are now signifiers for Louis Vuitton, despite not carrying any obvious branding.

“It was the actual very first thing I designed,” Abloh reveals. “I wore it to the Met Gala. It doesn’t have the comfort or the security of a jacket, but it’s somehow empowering.”

Elsewhere, Abloh discusses his upcoming standalone capsule, Staples Addition. As the name implies, the collection will deliver elegant staples such as jean jackets, cashmere coats, and tailored suits — pieces that are effortless decisions and always look sharp.

“It’s clothing that you wear and don’t think twice about,” he reasons. “It’s letting the savoir-faire and the quality be the main signifiers and reasons to purchase.”

In a separate discussion with Louis Vuitton, Abloh dives into what clothing means to him. Drawing inspiration from the great outdoors, he lists two muses that have influenced his creative vision: Jamiroquai for transcending genres and creating intrigue, and Kurt Cobain for his accessible style. Watch above.

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