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This summer, Nike pays tribute to the countries and cultures that have made the Air Max an international icon by updating the classic sneaker with a series of country-specific camouflage prints. First released in 1987, the Air Max was crafted for sport but was quickly adopted by the European streets as a badge of self-expression. The Camo collection honors and evolves this heritage by updating the shoe with Nike Hyperfuse innovation and vintage camo prints from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

France leads off, transforming the AM1 and AMBW with a fusion U.S./French camo stamp, while Italy wraps the AM90 and AM97 in a motif from the early ’90s. Germany’s print was first issued in 1999 and now adorns the AM1 and AM180. Both the Japanese and British textiles, each from around 1991, modify the AM90 and AM95.

The Nike Air Max Camo Collection will launch globally with the release of the AM1, AMBW France and the AM90, AM97 Italy exclusively in Berlin on July 3 at Wood Wood and Voo. In addition, all models will be on display at this year’s SEEK running from July 2-4. For more information on the release of the remaining sneakers, head over here.

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