Nike’s recent “Unlimited You” ad for the Summer Olympics was a bold new direction for the sportswear giant. The Oscar Isaac-narrated TV spot featured an army of cameo appearances from athletes that resulted in the iconic “Just Do It” logo literally being smashed to pieces. Its newest ad, “Unlimited Courage,” follows the same bold new direction, but on a far more groundbreaking scale.

The ad follows Chris Mosier, the first transgender member of Team USA at the Olympics in history. It shows him training around New York, engaging in a dialogue with the narrator about the importance of not giving up. It is a bold move on Nike’s part to feature Mosier, as transgender rights remain a hot-button issue in U.S. politics. The recent law regarding transgender bathroom use in North Carolina for instance, prevented Mosier from even using his preferred toilet during the recent Olympics qualifying competition held in the state. As the ad hits home, it truly takes unlimited courage for him to reach the place he’s earned today.

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