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Kim Kardashian drops Paris robbery lawsuit

Not long after Kim Kardashian was robbed in the bathroom of a luxury Parisian suite, gossip site MediaTakeOut published allegations that it was all a set-up for Kim to make a bogus insurance claim on her stolen jewelry. Because they didn’t have irrefutable evidence to back up these claims (or any evidence at all, likely), KKW fired up her lawyers and prepared to go to court. With the whole issues now resolved, we can only assume that MediaBlackOut probably paid an out-of-court settlement after they realized how potentially screwed they were. – BBC News

Obama throws shade at Trump on Jimmy Kimmel

On his latest celebrity talk show appearance, Barack Obama read out some mean tweets that had been tweeted in his direction, then parried back some shade is his typically graceful style. A prime example was his response to Donald Trump’s claims that he will “go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!” with, “At least I will go down as a president.” Touche Brobama. He was also described as, “the Nickelback of presidents”. – CBC News

Women drink as much as men now

It’s official now: women drink as much as men do these days. An exhaustive study that inspected the drinking habits of some 4 million people over the course of a century have shown that the ladies have caught up with the mandem, largely thanks to a combination of female-focused marketing and the launch of sugary drinks that tickle their feminine palates. The downside to this increase in gender balance is an increase in alcohol-related illnesses.  – The Guardian

Liverpool and Tottenham meet in English League Cup

The Premier League’s third and fifth-placed sides, Liverpool and Tottenham, who are only separated by a single point in the league table, will meet in the final 16 of the English Football League Cup. Perhaps the country’s two most exciting sides will face off at Anfield for a place in the quarter finals. Other plum ties of the round include a Manchester derby at Old Trafford and a cross-London derby between West Ham and Chelsea. – Evening Standard

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Words by Aleks Eror
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