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This Thanksgiving week, celebrities showed their gratitude in a myriad of ways, but 21 Savage's benevolence really stood out, when the rapper showed he cares a lot. Kanye West marked the holiday by making Kim and his kids walk awkwardly through Wyoming for his "Closed on Sunday" video. And while many celebs gave back to the poor, Drake treated himself.

In other news, our readers were less than thankful when we revealed the design of the upcoming Prada x adidas collab, a few sneakerheads were noticeably unimpressed by the new YEEZY, and fans were quite literally heartbroken by the news of Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti's fallout.

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Had to be done?

Original Post: 21 Savage Just Hosted a Huge Thanksgiving Dinner for 300 Families In Need

10. “How many people did he help? A LOT!!” - Andrew Olive

Your girl could never

Original Post: Versace Is Suing Fashion Nova for Copying Jennifer Lopez’s Iconic “Jungle Print” Dress

9. “You vs the girl he told you not to worry about” - mr_nikochea

Set aside the credit, Jerry

Original Post: Things I Bought for Myself While Shopping for Others

8. “Why does it sound like I wrote this?” - Jerry Lessley

The Devil Wears Pradidas

Original Post: Here’s Your Closest Look Yet at the Prada x adidas Superstar

7. “Groundbreaking.” - Daniel Molina 

Lil Brady ?

Original Post: Lil Uzi Vert’s Thom Browne Kilt Was Thanksgiving’s Real MVP

6. “Ima tell my kids this was Tom Brady” - _nestorguillen

The New Balance x Wasp 500s

Original Post: The Neoprene-Packing YEEZY 500 “Stone” Can Still Be Copped

5. “Looks like a new balance got stung by a wasp.” - Rio McFarland 

Criticizes Drake's expensive jewelry... can't afford any of it

Original Post: Drake Buys “Extremely Rare” $600k Patek Philippe to Match His $150k Toronto Raptors Ring

4. “Has an NBA ring... doesn’t play in the NBA” - Cassidy Huynh

Low-income sneakers would also be much appreciated

Original Post: Kim Kardashian Confirms Kanye West Is Developing YEEZY Home Design for Low-Income Housing

3. “Too bad he can’t make low-income merch ???” - Adam Molina

First Trylie, now this?? ?

Original Post: Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti Aren’t Cool Anymore & Twitter Is Upset

2. “Maybe they wanna date other people" - Lama Crescendo Dalia


Original Post: Kanye West’s New “Closed on Sunday” Video Is a Wholesome Thanksgiving Gift

1.  “Kanye looking thicker than Kim here” - _lachlanderrick_

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