Converse CONS and Free Skate Magazine present Homegrown, a new profile on Stockholm-based skateboarder David Stenström.

Born and raised in the Swedish capital, Stenström carries on from other eminent Scandinavian skaters like Arto Saari and Rune Glifberg, once again reminding us that the sun-bathed sidewalks of California aren’t the only place from where true riding talent can emerge.

In the clip, Stenström walks us through the huge influence that his father’s skating career provided, and we also see how David manages to stay on his board 12 months a year (even in freezing temperatures), wearing his shoe of choice, the CONS One Star Pro.

Check out the full video above, and don’t miss our interview with Converse, explaining the importance of the One Star silhouette.

  • Feature Image: Nils Svenson

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