Blondey McCoy, Palace's brown-haired mascot, used to spend much of his youth hanging out at London skate shop, Slam City, and now he's returning the favor by penning a photo-heavy blog post for the store's site.

Also an avid photographer, in "5000 Words" (that's the title, not the length of the post, the word count is much shorter than that) Blondey shows off his snaps and adds some anecdotal captions beneath them to give us a bit of context. Most of them depict afternoons spent skating, evenings spent boozing, trips around the world with fellow skate pros, and all those other shenanigans that shape the life of a Palace sk8r boy. The post is candid and oozing with sentimentality that'll make you all fuzzy.

Head over to Slam City to see and read 5000 Words in full.

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