This past summer, Heron Preston showcased his SS19 “En Vogue” collection during Paris Fashion Week, which also revealed a collaboration with Nike on their signature Tailwind glasses.

In our exclusive interview with the designer, Preston detailed his intent to expose the frames to the new generation with more stylish appeal. On Monday, Heron delved more into the collab with additional previews of the reinterpreted Tailwind spectacles.

“I think whats interesting about my story of being one of Nike’s newest collaborators is the fact that I actually used to work for the company 8 years ago,” he captioned in the post. “That transition from fan to employee changed my perspective of Nike and its products once I started to learn more about their philosophy, dedication to innovation and focus on the athlete.”

He added, “I wanted to discover more of what the brand had to offer beyond footwear. One of those products I discovered and fell in love with were the Nike tailwind performance glasses. I wore them nearly everyday. They had interchangeable lenses with different colors and felt so innovative to me. This is why I decided that my first collaboration with Nike wasn’t going to be a sneaker or apparel, but an accessory…”

Furthermore, Heron Preston announced the official worldwide release date for the exclusive “Nike Tailwind HP” performance sunglasses, slated for November 29. Today, Nike officially unveiled the collection, revealing a sneak peek at the boxing and the colorways offered: chrome, grey and yellow tinted lenses.

For more, watch Heron Preston explain his SS19 collection and Nike sunglasses collab in our exclusive video below.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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