Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

Kim Kardashian held up at gunpoint in Paris

Remember that verse in Watch the Throne hit single that goes "Kim Kardashian was held up at gunpoint in her private Parisian mansion on Sunday night by two armed, masked men dressed as police officers. She is badly shaken but physically unharmed, her spokesman said?" No? Oh yeah, because it wasn't a verse, but rather an actual IRL thing that happened last night, causing Kanye to cut his concert at The Meadow Festival short to comfort his badly shaken, physically unharmed wife. KKW, who was in the French capital for fashion week, was locked in the toilet while the thieves took all the valuables they could. – CNN

Donald Trump hasn't paid taxes in 18 years, possibly

According to a set of Donald Trump tax documents sent to the The New York Times by an anonymous source, The Donald might not have paid a single penny of federal income tax over the 18 years between 1995 and 2013 because he declared a $916 million loss following several failed casino ventures and an unsuccessful foray into the airline industry. This goes some way towards explaining why he's the first candidate in many decades to not release his tax returns, and further illustrates that he's a phony businessman, whose record is littered with failed ventures and whose wealth is largely down to inherited privilege and crooked arrangements. – New York Times

Barcelona lose again, Atletico Madrid go top of La Liga

An unpredictable start to the Spanish football season took another twist as Barca slumped to their second league defeat, this time losing out in a seven-goal thriller to Celta Vigo. This 4-3 loss was flanked by Real Madrid's third straight draw, this time to home to Eibar, and a 2-0 win for Atletico Madrid away at Valencia, a result that takes them to the top of the table – sitting just above city rivals Real, who have the same number of points, thanks to goal difference. – Sports Illustrated

The ugly friend effect is actually real

If you're unfamiliar with the common cliche known as The Ugly Friend Effect, basically, the theory goes like this: why do beautiful people always seem to have a fugly friend that follows them around like a stray dog? Because that juxtaposition makes them look even hotter to everybody else. Well, according to a study published in Psychological Science, a medical journal, The Ugly Friend Effect is totally real. The studious scientists that conducted the study found that when a picture of a beautiful person is shown next to an ugly one, the beautiful person tends to be rated as more beautiful by respondents than when their picture is displayed on its own. The other part of the cliche, which suggests that ugly people put themselves through this torment for the opportunity to hoover up the sexual scraps that their genetically-blessed companions didn't want, hasn't been tested. – The Guardian

Volvo to launch self-driving cars within five years

So far, the self-driving car business has largely been dominated by tech companies such as Google and Tesla. Not to be outdone at its own game, actual auto manufacturers are getting in on it, with Volvo announcing that it will launch its first autonomous car within half a decade and comes not long since Volvo signed a $300 million deal with Uber to promote this new technology. This is reassuring news, because I'm not sure how much I trust those tech geeks without any automotive heritage behind them. – Telegiz

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