In a quest to take over even more of our attention, Kim Kardashian West will be launching her own emoji app today. Of course it's called "Kimoji" and after having announced the birth of her second child through emojis, this move makes absolute sense. A selection of the emojis that will be part of the app are already shown in the image above.

While mostly beauty-centric, other important emojis including Kim's butt, pregnant Kim, creamy peach, an adidas YEEZY Boost 350 and Kim's middle finger. However, it looks like neither Kanye West nor other family members will be part of the new least not yet.

Get Kimoji now from the iOS App store for $1.99.

[UPDATE #1] It turns out Kimoji has been quite the success so far. Not only did the release "Break the app store," but the app quickly shot into the most downloaded paid app section of the store as well.

At the height of download traffic, first reports suggest that the app was downloaded 9,000 times per second. If you consider its $1.99 price tag, that means that Kimoji was bringing in more than $1 million per minute. Incredible!

[UPDATE #2] The latest update to the app brings a much raunchier selection of emojis, as well as "KIMOGIFS." In addition, Android users can now download the app. Lastly, the accompanying ad features a beat by Tyler, The Creator.

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