Nike Bowery Stadium 'The Wave'-23

Last Friday the Nike Bowery Stadium in New York unveiled “The Wave”, a surf/skate installation based around their summer ‘Just Do It’ action sports campaign.

The retail component of Stadium reflects surf and skate culture featuring a curated selection of Nike action products. Stadium MFG offers the opportunity to customize core products from the Nike Range, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, board shorts and other apparel. Collections of skate and surf stickers are displayed to provide inspiration and share the history of East Coast surf/skate culture.

Throughout the ‘Just Do It’ summer season, Stadium will host special programming including lectures, live musical performances, film screenings, product launches, and mentoring workshops. Weekly film showings will balance classic surf and skate movies with Nike team flicks.

Celebrating the local surf and skate community, Stadium aims to deliver a culturally creative point of view and an interesting twist on product, performance, innovation and design.

Have a look inside the space in our gallery.

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