Nike already has plans underway to revamp its business structure, and with New York noted as one of its twelve key cities that represents over 80 percent of Nike’s projected growth through 2020 -- the company recently unveiled its brand new headquarters in the Big Apple.

Located in the Midtown district, the six floor open-plan layout estimated at 150,000 square-feet provides freedom of workability. A variety of conference rooms that incorporate custom ceiling tiles made up of recycled materials designed by Miniwiz (a firm dedicated to sustainability) are placed throughout the plan, while there's a roof terrace that offers an area of relaxation for employees or guests -- featuring a large green Nike Swoosh that is formed by an arrangements of plants.

Additionally, the focal point is its 4,000 square foot indoor full-length basketball court, which will reportedly host high school teams, community partners, local leagues and more for special events that is capable of seating 400 spectators.

Nike Headquarters (NYC) 855 6th Ave New York, NY 10001

Also, the Swoosh is offering free yoga workouts anytime, anywhere.

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