Not the first time that Supreme has co-signed a pair of Forces, for this latest and much-hyped collaborative release, the iconic New York brand sets its sights on the Nike Air Force 1 High. Snippets and teasers have been abound on the web here and there, yet Thursday marked the official release, when fans were finally able to get their paws on a pair. While the original release date was set for October 13, things were pushed back 10 days due to unspecified problems. However, the delay likely ties into the fact that Supreme's New York did not release this latest Nike collaboration, possibly as a precaution to prevent a situation like the Supreme x Nike Foamposite riots of last year.

Those who were lucky enough to grab a pair are enjoying a premium leather upper with pebbled leather Nike Swoosh, branded ankle strap reading Supreme's slogan of “World Famous,” and a further branded hit on the heel, with three total colorways to choose from.

Take a look at the sneakers above and see them in action in our latest IN MOTION video.

  • Photography:Chris Danforth for

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