According to reports, adidas is taking on J. Crew in an attempt to challenge one of the latter’s recently-filed trademark applications. As The Fashion Law summarizes, J. Crew is seeking protections for a striped design it plans to use on a range of apparel. adidas, famous for its Three Stripes logo, has filed opposition claiming J. Crew’s filing infringes on its trademark design.

adidas’ opposition was filed earlier this month and first reported by Law360. In it, adidas claims “that [it] will be damaged by the issuance of a registration” to J. Crew for its striped design, and that “the three-stripe mark [has] come to signify the quality and reputation of adidas.”

The Fashion Law goes on to outline that adidas is not taking issue with any striped design J. Crew plans to put forward, rather focusing on a specific “stripe design with five parallel bands of color in the following order: burgundy, ivory, navy blue, ivory, burgundy.”

Currently it seems that adidas and J. Crew are attempting to settle this dispute between themselves, as adidas has lodged an additional filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB) seeking to temporarily suspend proceedings pending settlement negotiations.

This is not adidas’ first trademark infringement lawsuit as it recently challenged Tesla, Marc Jacobs and Skechers among many others.

For a full rundown and a more detailed analysis of the legal battle, head to The Fashion Law here.

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