Supreme and Louis Vuitton's rumored collaboration debuted on the Paris runway last week for FW17. The collection varied, including small accessories like keychains and wallets, as well as cut-and-sew goods like denim baseball shirts.

After the Paris Fashion Week presentation, it didn't take long for opinions to start surfacing on the internet, including ours, as we debated whether the collection was a nail in the coffin, or in fact a triumph. We even got industry insiders to weigh in on the groundbreaking moment.

Now we aim to dissect the collection even further, as the Highsnobiety staff picks our favorite pieces from the collection. It goes without saying, the rumored prices of this collection aren't really friendly for most budgets, but it's still fun to pretend. Hear what a selection of the Highsnobiety staff thinks below.

Nico Amarca

"The trunk, hands down. It's the crux of the entire collection because it's an amalgamation of each brand's most fundamental emblem: Supreme's now-legendary red BOGO and LV's iconic monogram leather trunk. I'd probably never travel with it though; it'd be easy to spot at baggage claim but who knows if it'd even make it there (I never trust airline staff)."

Graeme Campbell

"Our Digital Fashion Editor, Alec Leach, summed up the collection with the term low-hanging fruit. But to play devil’s advocate, I suppose the gravitas of such a collaboration means there’s no real need for subtlety or thought behind the design aesthetic — it’s LV and Supreme; it’s insane we’ve even reached this point, so why not go completely balls-out obnoxious in that regard? Microcosmic of that thought process is the trunk. I mean, it’s a $68,500 trunk. How many people can say they own a $68,500 trunk? I hope for humanity’s sake, not very many."

Brock Cardiner

"I'm not one for logos so I appreciate the subtlety of the collab on this pair, especially considering how logo-heavy both brands are. The silhouette itself is interesting and the red leather hits on the side panels are a nice touch that those in the know will know. That said, they'll cost an arm and a leg, so there won't really be any point in picking them up, because I'll be legless."

Chris Danforth

"It's safe to say the roadman life didn't choose me, ruling out the possibility of rocking any of these super cool waistbags. The only piece I could realistically finesse into an outfit would be the keychain. It's something I could rock every day without feeling like a total try-hard, and it's a nice little nod for people who know."

Shane Gormley

"My favorite pieces from the collection are the small black-on-black leather accessories, like the wallets and the camera bag, I was excited when I saw them. They're kind of understated and not quite as in-your-face recognizable as the monogram pieces, but the quality looks really nice. If they were Supreme prices, I'd definitely try get my hands on one of the wallets."

"Also the small red skate tool bag is crazy. The fact that Louis Vuitton made something to hold your skate tool is so ridiculous, I definitely wouldn't say no to that."

Naina Kamath

"Remember the first day of a new school year when you'd roll up to class decked out with a brand new backpack and new pencil case? Supreme x LV's raunchy little rucksack is the adult epitome of that. Endorsers of "less is more" would go into cardiac arrest at the over-the-top nature of this backpack, but if you're planning to drop this many stacks on something, you might as well let the whole world know how #lit your accessory game is."

George Ocampo

"The denim monogram pieces are the hottest IMO. I'd go full Canadian tuxedo in that stuff. Or if I really wanted to go all out, I'd drop stacks on that huge trunk and just live in it. It's roughly the same cost and size of a Manhattan studio anyway. Tiny homes are on-trend, right? Realistically though, I'd be happy with a pair of leather gloves to keep the flex rather low-key."

Marta Sundac

"Growing up, Louis Vuitton's red Epi Leather range was my favorite from the fashion house, specifically the bucket bag, so the main item that stood out from the Supreme collab for me was the larger cross-body bag. It's more understated than the larger items which have "SUPREME" fully emblazoned across, and is actually a practical item I'd get a lot of wear out of."

Nigel Minani

"Most of the collection isn’t really my thing. However, I’m a big fan of LV’s duffle bags and trunks. I’ll never ever be able to afford these pieces, but I’d probably trade 90 percent of my wardrobe and my soul for the red trunk or the red duffle."

Jian DeLeon

"The denim pieces are a standout — especially the chore coat and trucker. I'd rather buy the Murakami monogrammed luggage since it has more of a timeless appeal. But I could see myself getting a luggage tag or a passport sleeve as an impulse buy."

Atip Wananaruks

"I love an accessory so for me the keychain and the small leather goods (wallets and tags), keep it subtle. No need to be over the top with this already in-your-face statement."

For another perspective, read what these members of the streetwear and fashion industry think about the collaboration.

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