If the story is true, one lucky sneakerhead just obtained the ultimate glow up. Redditor imfromadistantplanet, has the site going nuts over his Reddit post about finding the highly coveted Nike Air Mags at a local Buffalo Exchange for only $350.

Here's his story:

"Hey reddit, So I found these 2011 Air Mags last at Buffalo Exchange year, but I couldn’t post about them because I was working there at the time," he posts. "They came with the box, metal authorization tags, poster, and sadly no charger." 

The no charger is a little suspicious and raises the question wether they are fake or not. The bigger question however, is who would sell these at Buffalo Exchange?

He continues, "I was working the buy counter, a lady came in an set these down on the counter and my jaw dropped. I opened up the box and there they were…I legit teared up because I never thought I’d see those in person let alone touch them. I took the shoes to my manager and she priced them in at $350 and I was practically begging the lady to sell online or at the very least take them to Round Two because I didn’t want to rip her off but she said 'They were my ex boyfriend’s and he fucked me over I need the cash today because I have a Dr’s copay due today.'

So she sold them to us took the 30% payout and left. I immediately ran to the back grabbed my debit card and paid for them (not even knowing if they were real or not/ before they could even put the price tags on) and I had butterflies all day. They weren’t my size but I kept them as trophy/showpiece for 6 months."

Many readers might be think "they have to be fake." However, imfromadistantplanet later took the pair to Rif (a sneaker shop in Little Tokyo) for authentication.

"I got laid off from Buffalo. I was in a bad place because I had to pay a ton of bills at the time, my car completely broke down, and my phone got stolen all on my last day of work…talk about luck. I knew that these were the only thing I had of value. I bought a replacement charger brought them to Rif( a sneaker shop in Little Tokyo), they authenticated them for me, and gave me a very fair offer for the shoes."

Then he did the unspeakable and sold them himself.

"I realize that I’m going to get a lot of hate for getting rid of them, people thinking I just printed out tags at work (I would have been immediately fired for that), and not having more pictures but they actually saved my life. I want this post to be inspiring...Even if you're down on your luck and never think you'll be able to afford your dream shoes miracles happen."

What do you think ofimfromadistantplanet's story. Real? Fake? If you found Air Mags for $350, would you sell them or keep for yourself? Let us know in the comments below. Check out the full Reddit post here.

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