While we count down the days until Supreme officially unveils its FW17 collection, more news about the brand's Brooklyn store has arrived.

Supreme's new Williamsburg location is rumored to open this September, and obviously with a new store comes a new box logo.

Reputable leak account, @supreme_leaks_news has put together a render of what they think the Brooklyn-exclusive tees will look like, based on all the rumors so far.

The two tees are slightly different. The black features an extremely distressed and faded gray-on-gray box logo, where the branding is barely readable, while the white tee's red-and-white logo is much clearer.

How do you think these measure up to last year's Paris-only box logo? Let us know in the comments section below.

In other news, did you know that Kanye’s Calabasas logo is from an adidas-sponsored 1992 youth soccer camp?

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