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For what must have felt like a lifetime to Supreme fans around the world, the brand’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection has finally started to rear its head via Instagram.

After having begun teasing its forthcoming collection just six days ago, Supreme took to Instagram today to air a teaser video flaunting its latest collaboration with infamous pinball machine manufacturer, Stern.

Stern is one of the world’s last pinball factories, and was an early company instrumental to the development of the American video game industry in the ’70s. In its current form, it’s actually the old pinball manufacturing arm of Sega (yes, that Sega), and one of its designers is prolific Data East/Sega pinball machine designer John Borg.

Spring/Summer 2018 Supreme®/Stern® Pinball Machine 📹 @kings0l0m0n

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Stern is known for its high-caliber pinball machines that often tie in pop cultural licenses like Star Wars and Marvel films as well as bands like AC/DC, Metallica, and KISS. So given Stern’s penchant for bands clearly in Supreme’s vein, this particular collaboration isn’t too far-fetched.

In true Supreme style, the machine is “larger-than-life” and is clad in box logos, from its backboard, through to its LED point display system, which contains aphorisms like “Multiball is lit.”

By the way, if you were actually hoping to buy one for yourself, you can expect to pay a hefty price. Currently, Stern pinball machines featuring licenses like Batman, The Walking Dead, and WWE WrestleMania are going for $5,500-$8,000. But hey, if this gets set up in any of Supreme’s retail outposts, at least the machine proposes a much more affordable 25 cents per play—or the deal of $1.00 for five plays.

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