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What is Suicoke?

Suicoke is a high-quality Japanese brand founded in 2006 in Tokyo, well-known for its comfortable performance sandals and unique designs. Suicoke sandals are renowned for their use of high-quality materials, including hiking-friendly innovative Vibram footbeds.

Suicoke has built its reputation as a go-to streetwear brand through numerous collaborations, at first in its home market, Japan, and later in North America and Europe. Suicoke’s most popular collab style is the KISEE-V.

With dozens of other luxury fashion houses following the luxe hiking sandal trend, Suicoke open-toe footwear has been at the forefront of the evolving fashionable-yet-functional strappy sandal movement, mixing streetwear with high-end sportswear.


Who owns Suicoke?

Suicoke is owned by the parent company ORGY CO., Ltd (KABUSHIKIGAISYA ORGY). However, the brand’s founders remain anonymous. Suicoke’s current Global Managing Director of nearly ten years is Jinichi Leung, explained during the Suicoke Highsnobiety interview that the brand’s anonymity is intentional to put focus on its products rather than the designers.


Is Suicoke a Japanese brand?

Yes, Suicoke is a footwear brand from Japan, the brand’s parent company is Orgy, whose managing director is Jin Leung, and Suicoke’s current Global Managing Director is Jinichi Leung, Suicoke founders are anonymous.


Are Suicoke sandals comfortable?

The brand’s tagline “inviting atmosphere wear comfortable products” is pretty accurate when it comes to Suicoke sandals. Made in partnership with Vibram, a highly specialized outsole manufacturer from Italy, Suicoke sandals feature industry-leading footbeds, e.g., comfort.

Equipped with custom Vibram soles, Suicoke sandals allow the heel and foot arch to move in a natural way, reducing any discomfort when walking. Suicoke sandals, slides, and slippers encourage the foot’s movement, perfect for both hiking as well as fashion.


Are Suicoke sandals worth it?

Using only the highest quality materials in its manufacturing process, Suicoke is known for its comfort, style, durability, and multi-functionality. Moreover, the iconic and unique custom Vibram soles offer slip-proofing, waterproofing, and anti-bacterial technology. Even though its products don’t come at the cheapest price points, Suicoke sandals and slippers are worth it, made for all types of consumers, from hiking to fashion.


Are Suicoke sandals true to size?

Suicoke sandals fit mostly true to size; however, it really depends on the individual size and width of the feet. In my personal opinion, Suicoke sandals tend to run slightly smaller than usual. Thus, I would recommend going half a shoe size up, especially if you wish to fit socks underneath.

It is advisable to always check the Suicoke sizing chart with exact measurements, as there can be differences due to sizing translation between the EU, UK, US, and Japan.


Are Suicoke sandals waterproof?

Most Suicoke sandals that feature Vibram footbeds are water-resistant, while certain sneakers use nylon and eVent, which are waterproof fabrics.


Are Suicoke sandals unisex?

Yes, all Suicoke styles are unisex. Suicoke product categories include sandals, slides, boots, and slippers.

The most popular styles are Suicoke Moto (open-end heel strap sandals), Suicoke KISEE-V (strap sandals with a backstrap), both featuring nylon upper and the iconic signature Vibram sole, and Suicoke Pepper (Suicoke EVA footbed with soft nylon upper).


Where are Suicoke sandals made?

Most Suicoke sandals are produced in China due to their close proximity to technical materials like nylon and neoprene. Moreover, the location is close to one of Vibram’s HQs. Suicoke’s business hub, however, is based in Varese, Italy.


Is Suicoke a luxury brand?

Suicoke is an affordable luxury brand that has become synonymous with luxury sandals, next to the likes of Gucci and Prada. Suicoke, merging functionality with streetwear fashion and luxury, redefined the sports sandal trend.

Suicoke V-Line features a premium footwear line with the best materials, the M-Line is for casual fashion wearers, and the O-Line is the entry-level; there’s something for everyone.


Where to buy Suicoke?

You can buy Suicoke sandals directly at the Suicoke online shop.



Suicoke was founded in 2006 in Tokyo, Japan, combining traditional Japanese design with outdoor and performance products. Unknown to most, Suicoke actually started as a small accessories brand selling niche accessories – hand-painted Russian dolls, but later on, it became the footwear brand we now know.



In 2014, Suicoke and Vibram collaborated to develop Suicoke iconic custom Vibram footbed sandals. After its success and due to the growing sports sandal trend, Sucoke started expanding in Japan as well as internationally.



Suicoke continues to focus on expansion in Japan and overseas, steadily increasing the number of stockists and wholesale businesses.



After a successful collaboration with luxury streetwear brand Palm Angels, a celebrity favorite, in Spring Summer 2018, Suicoke’s brand exploded.



By the end of 2017, Suicoke was selling its footwear through over 300 wholesale accounts in 30 countries, including Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, and Germany, among several others.

Suicoke also opened its first Canada-based e-commerce shop to grow the brand more organically.



In April 2019, Suicoke opened its first flagship store in Tokyo in April with the aim to reflect the brand’s aesthetic through physical space rather than third-party stockists.

Suicoke also appointed Milan-based Enrico Pasi as their new EMEA general director.

Pasi discovered the opportunity in the European market and made Slam Jam the distributor.

BAPE x Suicoke collaborate on DAO and MOTO-2 in two colorways.



During the pandemic, Suicoke accelerated its e-commerce operations and adapted its strategy to focus on core designs and carryover styles.

Despite holding off on new silhouettes, Suicoke continued to team up with several streetwear brands on collabs.

Suicoke partnered with Scandinavian furniture retailer Hay to create a Suicoke Depa sandal in three colorways.

A Bathing Ape (BAPE) by NIGO and Suicoke team up once more to release Suicoke X BAPE camo sandals.

Suicoke concentrates on the brand’s digitalization and puts more focus on social media presence, growing Instagram, and launching a TikTok account.



Suicoke continues its focus on capsule collections, teaming up with the iconic British footwear brand Dr. Martens on Dr. Martens x Suicoke.

For the FW21 collection, Takahiro Miyashita X Suicoke collaborated on a five-toe sandal, one of the most unorthodox designs in sandal history.

Further highlight collabs in 2021 included Suicoke x Moncler.



It seems like the year 2022 was busy for Sucioke in terms of collaborations. From Carhartt WIP capsule, Missoni X Suicoke drop, Suicoke X Mastermind SS22, open-toed LANVIN X Suicoke sandals, to Suicoke X Tom Wood SS22 clog shoes, the list goes on.

Suicoke adds a new made-in-Italy clog silhouette to their range.

The brand also released its full Suicoke SS22 collection.

Very Own x Suicoke SS22 collab features Suicoke pepper shoes and Suicoke boots with a workwear finish look.


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