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Last year, after the Sneakermuseum exhibition, we already provided a rather thorough history of the collaborative work by Nike and Stussy. Today we take another look and offer a complete look at all sneakers produced together by the two iconic brands.

“In 2000, Stussy partnered with Nike to produce two exciting new colors of the Air Huarache LE shoe in very limited numbers. This sneaker collaboration was the first of its kind and has continued regularly since then incorporating several models of old Nike shoes including the Dunk High, Blazer, Air Huarache Light, Court Force, Free Trail 5.0, Trainer Dunk Low, Terminator, All Court Mid and Sky Force 88 Mid. The Stussy x Nike relationship has provided a platform to introduce new colors, fabrics, updates and designs to the sneaker market and even break ground on new sneaker models. Stussy Nike highlights include the Stussy Nike Dunk, 25th anniversary Stussy x Nike XXV Court Force, Stussy x Nike World Tour Dunk High, Stussy x Nike World Tour Free Trail 5.0, Stussy x Nike World Tour Trainer Dunk Low, Stussy x Nike x Neighborhood Boneyards Blazer, Stussy x Nike x Neighborhood Boneyards Terminator and the 30th anniversary Stussy x Nike XXX All Court Mid. There was also a Nike SB Dunk Stussy model developed under the Stussy Nike SB (Stussy SB) program. Many of these rare Nike shoes have become highly regarded among sneaker heads, collectors and shoe enthusiasts around the globe. The Stussy x Nike shoes are available exclusively at Stussy Chapter Stores and select Nike Tier 0 accounts.”

For over 10 years the two have been working together already and you can be sure that a lot more will come from the partnership in the future.

Check out all collaborative sneakers by Nike and Stussy now after the jump.

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