From the ground up

The groundbreaking Nike Flyknit technology has been unveiled four years ago and still today it continues to redefine performance-engineered footwear. The use of knitted fabrics across the upper of an athletic shoe has unlocked completely new possibilities in footwear design. Every stitch of an upper can be microengineered and changed according to individual needs of the athletes. In the fashion world the Nike Flyknit technology has fast become a go-to look. New colors, new silhouettes, and of course the added comfort made Flyknit an instant hit. Over the last four years Nike has of course not remained the only sportswear brand to use knitting technology, but they have certainly established the strongest brand around the use of the technology with Flyknit. Celebrating Nike Flyknit, the sports giant has produced the below infographic with detailed information and history around the technology.

Watch the official introductory video here below.

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