The production of Kanye West’s 2013 masterpiece Yeezus is the stuff of hip-hop legend. After beginning the album’s now-infamous guerrilla release campaign, the story goes that West showed up at master producer Rick Rubin’s house a mere 15 days before the launch date to sort through a treasure trove of unfinished songs and whittle it down to the final product’s 10 tracks. What happened to all the rest of that work? Well some of it is now on SoundCloud.

The first of these Yeezus artifacts to emerge is a track called “Good Things Don’t Last.” Backed by forceful, church organ keyboards, it is a shining example of the kind of neo-Gospel West has perfected over the course of his career. It also features an incredibly raw vocal track, clearly untouched by any remastering.

Another track to emerge is titled “One I Love,” and it is far more in line with the sonics of the songs that eventually made it onto the finished version of Yeezus. It is structured around an expansive soul sample and is layered on top by one of West’s aching Autotune vocal solos.

Despite being mere sketches and ideas, both tracks carry the elements of a classic Kanye tune. If Ye’s feeling generous maybe more treasures will emerge from the vault, or perhaps a deluxe Yeezus reissue full of B-sides. It never hurts to dream.

Now is a good a time as any to revisit Yeezus in all its glory. Stream it in full below via Spotify:

In related Kanye West news, the rapper recently popped up on a featured guest spot in indie band Francis and the Light’s new track “My City’s Gone.” Listen to it right here.

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