Comedian brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, better known as ItsTheReal, have made a name for themselves and their podcast by having authentic and hilarious conversations with rappers, tastemakers, and industry veterans — all from their Upper West Side apartment.

Most recently, the duo invited ex-Grantland publisher David Cho over for a lengthy two-hour discussion. Currently, Cho is working with Justin Timberlake on something special, but thankfully has a treasure trove of experiences to talk about. The biggest bomb that was dropped during the interview came towards the end of the group chat: Kanye wanted to put the N-word in every song title on Watch the Throne.

Unfortunately, Hov squashed that idea. The Kanye talk starts around the 34-minute mark but then stop afters five minutes or so; talk surrounding WTT titles begins around the one hour and 50-minute mark. Listen to the podcast below.

Apparently, Jay wanted the title of “N***** in Paris to be “Ball So Hard,” but Kanye wasn’t having it. Cho explained: “Kanye was like ‘no, we’re going to put the N-word in every single title of this album, so everyone has to say it and confront it.'”

We can only assume “N***** in Paris” was the album’s compromise.

Brian Farmer is Highsnobiety's Managing Editor and is based in New York City.

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