Just last month we reported that Nike — who is now in the first of an eight-year $1 billion USD deal providing all NBA teams with uniforms (except for the Charlotte Hornets who have Jordan Brand) — has been having some serious issues with jerseys ripping during games. As the weeks have gone on, and the season progresses, the problem has only gotten worse, with more and more players experiencing jersey malfunctions.

Nearly half a dozen incidents have already occurred in this early NBA season, as players such as LeBron James, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green, Tyler Ennis and Kevin Love have all had their jerseys tear in some fashion. So, what is the largest shoe and apparel company in the world doing to remedy the recurring issue?

“Nike has always put the athlete at the center of everything we do and we have worked hard to create the most advanced uniforms in the history of the NBA,” Nike said in a recent statement. “They are lighter and deliver great mobility and sweat wicking characteristics, and the feedback from players has been overwhelmingly positive. However, during game play we have seen a small number of athletes experience significant jersey tears.”

“We are very concerned to see any game day tear and are working to implement a solution that involves standardizing the embellishment process and enhancing the seam strength of game day jerseys. The quality and performance of our products are of utmost importance and we are working with the NBA and teams to avoid this happening in the future.”

It’s worthy of note that these jerseys aren’t just ripping in small areas. Many times they are being absolutely shredded, even left falling off of players.

So while we can reportedly expect an overhaul, Nike has not disclosed how many of its jerseys it will be doing away with in the process.

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Not NYC, not LA.

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