Here at Highsnobiety we are of the opinion that all the Kanye-bashing is getting kinda old. We figured it’s maybe time for a re-evaluation of Yeezy and his enumerable talents – from creating world tours that are truly sights to behold, to publically dissing George ‘W’ Bush, to doing us all a favour and restyling Kim Kardashian.

Check out our 10 Reasons Why Kanye West Is Actually Not A Total Dick here below.

1. Everyone knows Kanye fucked up when he snatched Taylor Swift's award out of her hands at the MTV Awards, grabbed the mike and announced that Beyonce should have won instead. (She should have, incidentally. That just wasn't the right move though 'Ye). After rain comes sunshine though, and as an apology Kanye recorded one of his greatest songs ever, the epic 'Runaway', with the line "Lets have a toast for the douchebags, Lets have a toast for the assholes.' It became a modern classic and Taylor forgave him.


2. He can also be guaranteed to kick off at an awards ceremony if he doesn't win in his category. Lets face it, awards ceremonies are often dull as ditch-water, so as far as we are concerned, the drama is welcome. We call it: ENTERTAINMENT.

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3. Thought only your mum typed constantly in CAPS LOCKS? Wrong. When blogging, Kanye loves to hit up the Caps Locks (and excessive exclamation marks). BECAUSE EVERYTHING HE SAYS IS JUST THAT IMPORTANT, YO!!!!! He represents for the Mum Caps Locks massive and we think that's pretty funny.

4. Who doesn't love shit that glows in the dark? Everyone loves shit that glows in the dark. And Kanye made an entire tour that glowed in the dark called, guess what, The Glow In The Dark Tour. And that was the most critically acclaimed, ground-breaking, best shit ever.

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5. In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kanye brings his stylist over to his girlfriend's house and she literally cleans out Kim's closet, removing all the dubious ghetto-fabulous 'Kim K' threads, leaving nothing except a few shirts and skirts. The deal being that he will replace all the old clothes with new clothes, of his choosing. Wow. Burn! Way to tell a girl her style basically sucks. After Kim had a little cry she started to take it pretty well. 'Now you're gonna be stepping into Best Dressed List territory' he says, nodding sagely. Go Kanye.

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6. The lyric 'You can be my black Kate Moss tonight' in 'Stronger' is still beyond awesome.

7. His back-up dancers love him. Did you see the amazing in-flight video they made for him on his birthday? You know those girls are getting paid on time.

8. He is not afraid to speak his mind politically. Back in 2005 during a benefit for Hurricane Katrina victims, televised by NBC, Kanye famously deviated from the script he was meant to read, and said "George Bush doesn’t care about black people". His statement went viral and made headlines the world over. Bush later said the comment was one of the most disgusting moments of his presidency. We say, West called it!

9. With all his introspection, nerdiness and revealing of his sensitive side, (especially in an album such as 2008's '808s and Heartbreak'), Kanye definitely laid the groundwork for artists such as Frank Ocean and Drake to come through and not be afraid to say what they are about or what's in their hearts. And for that we are truly grateful because Hip Hop's 'big tough guy act' was getting old. Having said all that he can still makes great gangsta music from time to time, as seen with his latest release with 2 Chainz, Birthday Song, where the chorus goes ‘All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho’. We're sure Kim is thrilled.

10. He really doesn't give a flying fuck what we all think about him, which is probably how he manages to continually surprise us. Like allegedly applying to study fashion at London's Central Saint Martins College. While the UK collectively guffawed and the international fashion press sniggered, Kanye just got on with it. Apparently he was rejected, but no biggie. He will no doubt turn up in Paris or New York soon enough, perhaps interning for Anna Wintour or for Karl Lagerfeld. Anything is possible, remember. And for that and all the above, we salute you Mr. West!

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