In case you didn't notice, there's a bit of a rock 'n' roll streak running through streetwear these days. Shredded jeans, Chelsea boots, biker jackets and throwback heavy metal tees are all the rage right now, and two of streetwear's biggest tastemakers, Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, have recently been spotted in bespoke pieces from heavy-metal-addicted Australian artist Pauly Bonomelli, aka @himumimdead.

Bonomelli creates one-off pieces which are plastered in provocative slogans, crude illustrations and rock-inspired logo flips. While the Australian-born artist mainly works with denim and tees - 'Ye and Rocky were spotted in his trucker jackets and T-shirts - his work also includes dissected band merchpython skin vests and some staggering Frankenstein-like patchworked denim creations.

We got in touch with the enigmatic artist via email for a quick Q&A. Read his cryptic answers below.

Who are you? 

I'm Pauly, I'm from Western Australia and I don't like the cold.

What's the story behind your work? 

I've worked for fashion companies for years, did stuff for music and then a movie...always done art stuff for fun, mixing the two again as a bit of a crossover, like I did when I was at back at school.

What artists inspire you?

One of should be about the individual again, not the flock. I like Enya and KLF and Australian crawl and my family.

How do you make your pieces?

Just me, my two hands, smashing whatever is in my head out.*

*Editor's Note: Check out the Instagram clip below of Pauly hand-stitching a bespoke piece for A$AP Nast.

How did the ASAP Rocky and Kanye West pieces come about?

They got in touch with me and supported by buying some gear.

What garments do you use? Do you have a specific brand you always use?

Working for a denim brand I use their product a lot, but I use whatever is around. I like what I like, as we all should. It's about the product itself I guess, regardless of the brand.

How much do your custom pieces cost?

A trip home...*

*Editor's Note: While Pauly hails from Western Australia, the fact that he works at a denim label gives us the inkling that he works abroad - a flight from New York to Perth can cost anything up to $1,500. 

Discover more of Pauly's work by following him on Instagram, and for more paint-splashed fashion news, check out these one-off pieces from American artist and Raf Simons collaborator Sterling Ruby.

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