Justin Bieber has just done the unthinkable. The pop star has ignited a firestorm of hate and controversy the scale of which has rarely been seen before, and all for the seemingly simple act of deleting his Instagram account. Now the world has become awash in an ocean of preteen’s tears, and Twitter has come alive with some of the most vile, hateful tweets imaginable. It’s a sticky situation to say the least, but here’s a general timeline of what happened.

It all started with a classic bit of oversharing on Bieber’s part, as the singer was excited to share a set of images starring his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie. Being the internet, these pictures were quick to receive a variety of hate in the form of snarky and rude comments. But Bieber wasn’t having it, and threatened that if his army of unsavory fans didn’t stop the hate he would delete his Instagram entirely. Suffice to say, they weren’t pleased.

Yet in spite of their outraged betrayal that he would “choose” his new girlfriend over his faithful fans, Justin Bieber made good on his threat and is now gone from the world of instant-photo sharing. To hear it from the fans, you would think that Judgment Day has come. Even his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez has joined the fray, decrying him for being so cruel to the millions of young ones who are the reason for his success.

Stay tuned to see what happens next in the most exciting drama this century. And steer clear of any Beliebers this week, they are a horde of loose cannons with a lot of rage to uncage.

Meanwhile, the music world’s other great piece of drama—the great mystery of Frank Ocean’s delayed album—has just been supported with a wealth of new evidence from his producer.

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