It's been no secret that Kanye West has made baby versions of his adidas Yeezy Boosts before they've hit the market. After all, little North isn't just a stylish child, she's stylish full stop (one of the perks of being a wealthy celebrity's offspring I suppose), and if daddy is a designer we'd only hope she's reaping the benefits.

What did come as a surprise (or maybe it didn't?) is when Jeff Staple posted a photo of a pair of baby "Red October" Air Yeezy 2s, with a caption that confirmed Kanye had a pair made for North, among a select few other pairs. Those hoping for a Nike + Kanye reunion are out of luck, because this pair is a few years old now, but it doesn't mean we can't admire them (or Jeff Staple can't post them to ring in 2017).

The design isn't an exact replica, however, as the baby version is made of a seamless mold rather than a shoe with working, moving parts. If these weren't on the feet of North we'd be inclined to shout "counterfeit," but seeing as they are we'll shout "cool."

Back when Kim was still using Instagram, she posted this "Red October" family portrait, confirming the baby version was in existence back then.

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