If you're still looking for that perfect Halloween getup, you may want to check out this insane mask from Kanye West's unforgettable "BLKKK SKKKN HEAD" video, dating back to 2013.

Popping up on Grailed, the seller has made available two of the conical masks that he says were worn in West's '13 music video.

"This item was the original prop used on set of the Kanye West 2013 music video 'BLKKK SKKKNHEAD'. If you watch the video on YouTube you can see the hoods form a black boarder that envelops most of the screen, while the silhouettes of the outlying cones stay on each end."

The current asking price for the two masks is $8,100 USD.

Again, while we cannot confirm the authenticity of the item(s), according to the Grailed seller, it's the real deal.

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