With Father's Day approaching on June 19, and North West's birthday just a few days behind us, Dan Gamache of Mache Custom Kicks has teamed up with San Francisco technology company Chronicled to create a fitting father-daughter gift.

Kanye and North will each be gifted a pair of custom adidas, as Gamache has added personalized touches to a pair of the ever-popular Ultra Boost and classic Superstar. For three-year-old North, Mache has added a compass print to a pair of pink, white, and gold Superstars, while Kanye's Ultra Boosts are dressed in forest green with "KANYE WEST" written in orange gothic font.

Each custom sneaker is equipped with a Chronicled tag that contains meta-data authenticating the shoe's model name, size, date of manufacture, photos, provenance and more. The tags are tamper-proof and scannable with a smartphone, guaranteeing that no one can ever pass off a counterfeit version.

In the past, Dan has created custom sneakers for the likes of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Damian Lillard. Check out more images of his custom adidas for Kanye and North West below, and enjoy our Q&A.

This isn’t the first time you've customized sneakers for Kanye West, how was this project different from the previous?

The first pair I ever made for Kanye was almost 10 years ago, which is crazy to think! The first pair was me just wanting to get my work to him and I ended up doing the Graduation-themed Nike Air Force 1s, and I just used some of my relationships to get them to him. As for this project, it was cool to be hit up to make them, as opposed to doing all the legwork myself. It goes to show how far I've come over 10 years!

Did Kanye stipulate anything specific for the design? Or were you free to create as he pleased?

There were no guidelines for the customs, just that obviously they would be adidas. I chose both silhouettes. For Kanye, I figured the Ultra Boost is his go-to if he's not wearing YEEZYs. And for North, Chronicled gave me the choice between a Superstar and a Stan Smith. I picked the shell toes just because they have laces, while the Stans in her size had velcro straps, so I just went with my preference.

Given the amount of fake YEEZY Boosts being produced at the moment, how do you expect Kanye to react to Chronicled's authentication technology?

Not sure yet, we shall see!

Is the Chronicled sneaker tag meant to be worn all the time?

Chronicled is a brand I’ve partnered with to help authenticate the sneakers and the designs I create. I receive fake sneakers all the time to be customized, and I won’t take those projects. I’ve also seen situations where other customizers will claim their sneakers have been customized by me, so I was looking for a way to protect the integrity of customs I create. The smart tags can be worn as a fashion statement, but they are intended to constitute proof of authenticity for customers, collectors and resellers.

What processes and tools were used to create the shoes?

A magician never reveals his secrets! But I did use paints, dyes, and an xacto blade to slice the cage on the Boosts. I also used stencils due to the tight deadline.

How many hours total did the two shoes take to create? What was the biggest challenge?

It took me three days to complete both pairs, which is extremely quick for a fully custom shoe. The biggest challenge was just the brainstorming to make something that I think Kanye, North, and even Kim would appreciate, considering they have access to practically anything they want.

How are the shoes being presented to Kanye and North? Should we expect to see these on Kanye’s feet?

Chronicled has set up the arrangements to present them for Father's Day and North's birthday. I hope that we do see them!

If one of our readers wished to commission a Mache shoe, how much would they expect to spend?

I always make an analogy that custom work is like getting a tattoo. The more work and time, the more it costs. My pricing starts at around $350 and can go into the thousands.

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