Yesterday on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, Ebro Darden detailed a recent telephone conversation he had with Kanye West. After insisting that Kanye remains out of touch with the majority of issues that plague African Americans in the United States, Ebro disclosed to listeners that West had told him that he does in fact love Donald Trump.

As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir, not only between the Hot 97 crew, but also around the hip-hop community. Now just a day later, 'Ye called into Ebro in the Morning, but he didn't address anything pertaining to his relationship with or thoughts on Trump. Instead, Kanye repeatedly told Ebro that he loves him, before going into Stevie Wonder's iconic tune. West did, however, finally end up saying that he and Ebro need to meet up face to face to discuss some things.

Press play above to check it all out.

Just days ago Kanye also made known his support of far-right figure Candace Owens, leaving Twitter in an uproar. Follow here for more on the story.

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