Kanye West dropped by The Late Late Show with James Corden earlier today, but if you were expecting Kanye to do the same old Carpool Karaoke every celebrity does, you're in for a surprise. In this episode, Kanye and Corden take to the skies for the very first episode — and probably only episode — of Airpool Karaoke. Watch above.

Taking place on a flight to Los Angeles, Corden and Kanye cover a lot of bases, discussing church, marriage, the lyric he knew would make him famous, alongside singing hits from his new album, Jesus Is King and previously released tracks like "Jesus Walks."

Conveniently, everyone on the plane is part of Kanye's Sunday Service choir — everyone in the clip is not only versed in the art of gospel music, but also in Kanye's verses, meaning that as soon as Kanye and Corden break out into song, the rest of the plane does, too.

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