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Kim Kardashian West has refuted media reports suggesting Kanye’s recent Twitter outbursts are a sign of underlying mental health issues.

In a series of Tweets, the reality TV and social media star accused the media of “demonizing” her husband with running commentary about his Twitter activity and business decisions, as well as downplaying the seriousness of mental health problems. She said he is simply “being himself which is very expressive.”

She has a point. Despite what you think about Kanye’s opinions or decisions of late, it’s important that we refrain from making assumptions about his mental health based purely on speculation or previous troubles. It’s dangerous. It only adds to the preexisting stigmas surrounding mental health issues and those who suffer from them, which prevents people who do need treatment from getting it.

Kardashian West did not refer to specific articles, but the speculation about Kanye’s mental health appears to have begun shortly after it was revealed he had parted ways with his manager, Scooter Braun. In reporting the news, both TMZ and Page Six alluded to his mental health.

TMZ reported that its “sources say [West] seems a little erratic,” and Page Six cited a site called The Blast, which was started by ex-TMZ staffers, as saying that West is “behaving in a similar way as he did before his breakdown in 2016.”

The speculation then spread to his fans on Twitter, and only intensified when the rapper and fashion designer reaffirmed his love for Donald Trump. A later post saw Kanye boasting about his “Make America Great Again” cap, which is signed by Trump himself.

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Words by Daniel Pearson
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