kanye west the drip

Who: Kanye West

The outfit he’s wearing: Blue T-shirt and matching sweater (no ID but based on the cut probably YEEZY), red “LOVER” sweatpants (Bianca Chandon), black YEEZY 700 sneakers (unreleased update), and YEEZY chains.

Location: Calabasas, Los Angeles

Why it works: Mixing blue and red in one look is no easy task as the colors tend to compete for the limelight and end up overpowering each other.  That’s unless you get creative with hues, a la Kanye West and the look you see above.

West proves that if you opt for muted shades, blue and red can look really good together — especially when you identically color-match your tee and sweater to save the look from getting too busy.

Similarly, the sweater’s muted, almost-gray shade perfectly complements the silver chain and medallion combo piled over the top, which levels up the ’fit and stops it from being too off-duty.

Editor’s notes: West has always operated within his own space, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that he pays no heed to traditional ideas concerning color codes. “Risk” is basically this dude’s middle name, after all, but in this look at least, the result isn’t so divisive.

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