After firing shots at Drake during a listening party for his highly anticipated third solo album, DAYTONA, Pusha T has revealed that Kanye West changed the artwork for his album because “he wasn’t feelin’ it.”

The rapper told renowned radio personality, Angie Martinez, during an interview on Thursday (1:12 mark), explaining, “The [original] artwork was pictures that we all agreed on,” he says. “He picked this photographer, we took these pictures… We picked the pictures. Great. We love it. Everything is good.” But Kanye surprisingly changed his mind last-minute.

Pusha T said that Kanye called him at 1 a.m. in the morning on Thursday, disclosing that he liked another photo better, but it would cost $85,000 USD to license. The new image in question, and chosen by Kanye, was a 2006 photo taken inside Whitney Houston’s bathroom.

Pusha expressed that he didn’t want to pay for the fee, so Kanye paid for it instead. “This is what the people need to see to go along with this music,” West insisted.

Additionally in the interview above, the rapper delves into other topics such as his G.O.O.D Music presidency, a potential Nas tour, his upcoming album release, and more.

You can pre-order DAYTONA through Pusha-T’s official website now, on CD or vinyl, as it’s slated to ship June 15. The album’s general release takes place tomorrow, May 25.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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