Shortly after purchasing his first Wyoming property, Kanye West has bought yet another ranch in the Cowboy State, TMZ reports. West has acquired Bighorn Mountain Ranch, located outside of Cody, Wyoming, for $14,495,000.

Bighorn Mountain Ranch is known for its majestic hikes and wildlife, as trout fishing remains a considerable draw to the area. Developed in 1906, the 6,713-acre property is now outfitted for more modern times with two helicopter pads and log cabins and lodges with walk-in saunas.

If Kanye has gotten into hunting, he will have ample opportunity at Bighorn Mountain Ranch, as elk, deer, antelope, pheasants, and turkey run rampant. We do know, however, that Ye has become a big fan of ATVs, never more evident than in his recent "Follow God" video, in which he cruises around Wyoming with his dad.

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