Kanye West has made a prolific return to Twitter this past week, offering an assortment of advice for young creatives, details of his upcoming projects, and miscellaneous Kanye-isms. However, one such musing from the artist is causing a spat of controversy. In a tweet from Saturday, West endorses far-right figure Candace Owens, citing he "love[s] the way [she] thinks."

As reported in The Washington Post, Owens is an activist currently serving as the communications director for Turning Point USA, specializing in “urban engagement.” The organization is a nonprofit aimed at delivering far-right ideology on university campuses around the country - and one very-much aligned with the Trump administration.

Owens has drawn vocal criticism for her stance on the Black Lives Matter movement. In a tweet posted just last week, she described their activists as "a bunch of whiny toddlers, pretending to be oppressed for attention." She has written frequently on the subject, publishing a piece in 2016 arguing that "Black men getting shot by police isn’t about racism" and defending these positions on conservative media outlets such as the program Infowars. Regarding her shout-out from Kanye West, Owens expressed her elation and the need for the pair to work together to "help wake up the black community."

Echoing Kanye's visit to Trump Tower shortly after the 2016 presidential election, his endorsement of Owens has elicited outrage from fans and pundits alike. Many have cited the extreme reversal in opinion from Kanye's infamous takedown that President George W. Bush "doesn't care about black people" in 2004 to now aligning himself with an activist openly condemning the Black Lives Matter movement. See a few fan reactions below.

As of press time, Kanye West has yet to address or elaborate on his stance on Candace Owens.

In less troubling Kanye news, it has been announced that a Nas album he produced is arriving in June. Get the scoop on that here.

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