UPDATE 4: Apparently, Kanye and Wiz had the chance to speak yesterday and all is well.


Your guess is as good as ours as to what this means, but Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian seem to be showing a united front on social media, both sharing the same selfie on Twitter. Apparently Kanye’s Twitter rant against Wiz didn’t bother the pair too much.


We didn’t think Kanye would actually address the comments made by Amber Rose regarding his preferences in the bedroom, but apparently West felt like he needed to clear the air once and for all…


Just in case our recap of the beef didn’t provide a thorough-enough explanation, Jimmy Kimmel – a seasoned veteran when it comes to Kanye West beefs – summarised the feud on his late-night TV show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Check it out below.

Yesterday Kanye unleashed a savage tirade of tweets aimed at Wiz Khalifa, for all the internet to see. The feud all started when Wiz took to Twitter, expressing his displeasure with the new name of Kanye’s forthcoming album, which is now titled Waves.

Wiz took it upon himself to interject, reminding his followers that Harlem rapper Max B was the first to popularize the term “wavy” in hip-hop culture. The term was originally intended to describe Max’s rhythmic style of melodic rapping. Kanye did end up acknowledging Max B on Twitter, although Wiz remained staunchly unappeased.

Some could say another Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins was also slighted by Kanye’s change of title, as Mick’s album Wave[s] hit iTunes last August, however Jenkins stayed comparatively quiet on the matter.

But back to the main event – given the pre-exiting tension between Wiz and Kanye (Wiz is father to a two-year-old son with Kanye’s former love interest Amber Rose), Kanye didn’t need any further instigation to fully go off on Wiz.

‘Ye wasted no time in going straight for the throat, letting loose a ferocious list of bullet points that denounced Wiz for biting Kid Cudi’s style, labelled his music as “corny,” called Amber Rose a stripper, and asserted “I am your OG and I will be respected as such.” However the coup de grâce was when Kanye went so far as to imply “You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me.”

Adding further fuel to the fire, Kanye misinterpreted the initials “KK” found on Wiz’s Twitter as those of Kim Kardashian, which in a comical turn of events actually turned out to be Wiz’s abbreviation for his own strain of marijuana, Khalifa Kush.

The series of tweets (see the full extent of Kanye’s rant) exhibited the unfiltered, stream-of-thought delivery that Kanye can’t help but regress into time and time again.

Don’t assume for one second that Amber Rose would be hesitant to throw herself into the fray with a response. Right on cue, real-name Amber Levonchuck added some interesting comments to the situation.

But Rose has been throwing shade at Kanye and the Kardashians for some time, not limited to her accusatory comments on Tyga dating an underage Kylie Jenner. During a different spat, Amber even went so far as to call Kim a “whore” on Twitter.

In the end, Kanye did wrap things up by bringing our attention back to SWISH, er… Waves. Even Khloe Kardashian hopped on Twitter to express her solidarity during the back-and-forth. At least Kanye conceded that Wiz does in fact own a cool pair of pants, #wizwearscoolpants. All’s well that ends well right?

As always, Twitter reacted to the beef in hilarious fashion. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Lead Image: Kanye West (Youtube), Wiz Khalifa (Empty Lighthouse)

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