After a weekend spent refreshing "Jesus is King" search terms, Kanye fan's biggest fear may have been realized with its release being reportedly downgraded to "TBD." Ever the perfectionist, West is reportedly making more and more revisions to his ninth studio album, despite hosting listening parties in Detroit, Chicago, and New York this weekend.

According to TMZ, a source close to the rapper revealed, "the album is complete, but Ye keeps tweaking it. Every time he listens, there's something he wants to change. We're now told there's no release date anymore ... it's truly TBD."

Kim Kardashian initially tweeted that the album would drop on September 27. When Friday came and went without a release, she followed up with another tweet reassuring fans that Jesus is King would arrive on Sunday, October 29,

The Kardashian-West camp has now gone silent in relation to a release date, prompting fears that the album has gone the way of YANDHI.


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