Marketedly one of Kanye West’s most heartfelt tracks ever produced, with an equally cinematic video to match, British-French actress and singer, Charlotte Gainsbourg, went live on French TV show, Taratata, to gently cover “Runaway.”

With both renditions emotional for very different reasons, where the original’s heavy lyrical content was further uplifted by Kanye’s stern rap style, Gainsbourg’s alternative approach saw her whispering her way through the cover with a somewhat more ambient beat playing in the background. The composition was above all tender and well aligned with the style she has become so well known for.

As the video recording has certain regional restrictions, it needs to be streamed directly from the Taratata website here. Let us know which version you prefer in the comment section following.

And as a reminder of the scope and sheer mastery of the original, watch the full-length video for “Runaway” below.

In other music news, Harry Hudson just teased his debut album with a short film starring Jaden Smith. Watch it here.

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