With limited-edition sneaker releases coming at us on a near-weekly basis, the growth of the resell market is showing no sign of slowing down. StockX data values the secondary market at $6 billion, significantly more than the $1 billion widely reported, so it makes sense that the likes of LVMHFarfetch, and Foot Locker are making moves to get a slice of a pie previously reserved for only the most hardcore of sneakerheads.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with the data wizards over at StockX, with illustrations by Ryan Haskins, to bring you a detailed breakdown of the most valuable shoes on the resale market from July 1 to September 30 this year.

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Parra's Slam Dunk

Our list of the most expensive sneakers sold in Q3 2019 shows Nike dominating the podium. First is none other than the friends & family-edition Parra x Nike SB Dunk Low, which resold for a staggering average price of $3,054.. One of the most beloved Nike collaborators, Parra rose to fame through his ongoing Air Max collaborations which started in 2005 with the "Amsterdam" Air Max 1. Friends and family products have a tendency to be incredibly pricy on the secondary market, due to the fact that they were never commercially available, making them rare by nature. Second we find Virgil Abloh's blue, MCA Air Force 1, which was released to coincide with Abloh's Figures of Speech exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. In third, Michael Lau’s Nike SB Blazer Low “Salvator Michael” was inspired by a character from his COLLECT THEM ALL! exhibition in Shanghai. Select pairs of Lau’s design came in a special wooden crate, making them highly collectible.

Elsewhere, we see the "Lundmark Reflective" YEEZY 350 V2, reinforcing the trend of reflective YEEZY colorways garnering higher resell prices. Jordans like the collaborative Travis Scott low-top 1 and "Satin Black Toe" high also made the cut, alongside more surprising inclusions such as the Jennifer Lopez-inspired Concepts x Versace Chain Reaction sneaker, and RHUDE's V1 High.

Not All That Glitters is Reflective

Our next category covers the sneakers that sold for the highest price premiums above retail. Abloh's blue, MCA Air Force 1 re-appears to claim the number one spot, with a price premium of 1204%. Two Jordans round out the top three; Travis Scott's low-top Jordan 1 and the "Satin Black Toe" high-top.

Again, reflective colorways demand the highest resell prices in the YEEZY footwear catalog, as we see the "Lundmark Reflective" and "Cloud White Reflective" securing the fifth and eighth spots respectively. sacai's collaborative Nike LDWaffle lands in the sixth and seventh spot, attesting to the staying power of Chitose Abe's keen eye for details and colors.

AFEW's "Highly Addictive NYC" Diadora breaks the trend by being the only non-Nike or non-adidas shoe in our ranking of the highest price premiums. The German retailer has a strong track record of covetable collaborations, starting with AFEW's "Koi" ASICS partnership, and leading up to the special Diadora "Highly Addictive" series.

Jumpman vs. YEEZY

As far as sneakers that were most frequently sold on StockX in Q3 2019, we see a mixture of YEEZYs, Jordans, and limited collaborations. The Nike Air Jordan 1 "Satin Black Toe" garnered 24% of the top ten most commonly sold sneakers. Together, the GS and adult-sized "Patent UNC" Jordan 1 garnered another 20% of the top ten, while Travis Scott's low-top Jordan 1 took 13%. Combined, all Jordans on our list amounted to 57% of the top ten most commonly sold sneakers in Q3, compared to YEEZYs which secured 25%.

The Jordan 1 specifically will consistently resell for a significant amount over retail prices, and Jordan's experimentation with materials seems to have resonated well, as we see patent leather and satin versions of the 1985 basketball silhouette taking up a considerable part of the market share. As a general trend, sneakers that are directly tied with musicians, celebrities or athletes - from Travis Scott to Michael Jordan to Kanye West - will resell for more than general release sneakers.

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