Fans of The Simpsons will be happy to note that Ned Flanders' "Assassin" sneakers are now a thing of reality. First appearing in a Season 2 episode of the cartoon comedy, the beloved dad-style kicks were recently brought to life by Mache Custom Kicks.

The custom re-work sees the shoe's original design atop a Nike Air Monarch silhouette. While the aesthetics of the shoe are highly reminiscent of Raf Simons' "De Stijl" hiking boot, overall, the one-of-a-kind kicks maintain a cartoonish appearance. As seen on Mache's Instagram, the chunky-soled shoe features a Sharpie design in black, yellow and red.

Keeping the outlines in black, the re-work made sure to feature direct references from the episode, including a yellow tongue, "velcro-straps," a red-accented midsole and the "Assassin" script.

Speaking of the design, Mache wrote: "I thought I’d do my own twist on this whole dad shoe, Sharpie-style custom thing that’s been going on by mixing the “Assassins” from the Simpsons- one of the most coveted shoes to have never existed with one the greatest dad shoes to ever exist."

For a closer look at the inspiration behind the custom shoe, check out The Simpsons clip below. For more sneaker goods, let us know what you think of Acne Studios' rival to the Balenciaga runner.

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